b'Accrediting food sourcesHigh-risk foods are more susceptible to foodborne diseases. Accreditation at source is required for livestock, meat, and egg items that can carry animal-borne diseases. SFAs source accreditation programme assesses food importers on two levels to ensure these imports meet our food safety and animal health import requirements. At the country level, we ascertain the robustness of animal health and food safety systems there. At the farm/establishment level, biosecurity measures, farm management, manufacturing, and hygiene practices are verified. In the event of a breach in food safety or animal health standards by the approved country or accredited farm/establishment, SFA will be able to take targeted enforcement actions, such as suspension of import from specific farms or establishments.In FY 2019, an additional 67 establishments and 16 farms were allowed to export food to Singapore. ACCREDITATION OF OVERSEAS FOOD SOURCES (FY 2019)40Countries approved67Establishments accredited16 3 12 41Farms accredited Farms reinstated Farms suspended Farms & establishments inspectedSINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 35HEN SHELL EGGS'