b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLFOOD SAFETY IS A PREREQUISITE FOR A RESILIENT FOOD SUPPLY.Food goes through a long and complex supply chain before it reaches consumers. Whether the food is imported or produced locally, exposure to hazardous agents and contamination can occur anywhere along this chain. A robust food safety system is vital in ensuring the huge volumes of imported food and variety of food produced locally are safe. As Singapores food safety authority, SFA adopts a risk-based approach to food safety. This approach is guided by science and consistent with international standards. An integrated food safety system from farm to fork is put in place to ensure that food is safe for consumption. As food safety is a joint responsibility, we also work with the industry and educate consumers to enable them to play their parts in the joint responsibility of food safety.Industry and public outreach on food safety as a joint responsibilityConduct horizonEnsure regulations scanning and early alert stay up-to-date and on overseas food safetyINTEGRATEDinternationally aligned/disease incidents FARM-TO-FORK FOOD SAFETY SYSTEMRegulate local slaughterhouses, processing plants, food factories, farms, andAccredit retail establishments overseas sourcesEnsure import requirements are met through inspection, surveillance & sampling (at the point of import and retail) as well as laboratory tests32 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'