b'BASKET 3: GROWING OVERSEASSFA supports Singapore companies in exporting urbanAllthesewillfurthercontributetoSingaporesfood food solutions to other countries, so that our companiessecurity. Together with MEWR, SFA is working with the cantapintolandandmanpowerresourcesatlowerMinistry of Trade and Industry to help local companies production costs. At the same time, this enables themventure and expand overseas. The objective is to build to break into new markets. Taken together with the localinter-dependencies with reliable countries and cultivate demand,ourcompanieswillenjoygreatereconomiesthem into strategic partners for Singapores food supply. ofscaleandbeabletocompetebasedonresearchTo date, local farms have ventured into Australia, Brunei, and innovation. Hong Kong, Thailand, and China.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 29'