b'SECURING OUR FOOD SUPPLYPartnering grocery stores to driveEducating young minds through school activitiesconsumer purchases InFY2019,SFAengagedwithprimaryschoolscience SFA collaborated with NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storageteachersaswellassecondaryschoolgeographyand toorganisequarterlyconsumerpromotions,producenutrition and food science educators with the objective in-store branding materials, and/or take out newspaperofenhancingtheirknowledgeoffoodsecurityissues. advertisements to highlight the merits of local produce.SFA delivered presentations on Singapores food security At the Made in Singapore Fair at Ang Mo Kio Hubs FairPriceduringthevariousteacherseminarsorganisedbythe Xtra,aswellasothereventsinvariousColdStorage,Ministry of Education. Educational exhibits on food safety PrimeFood,andGrocersupermarketoutlets,cookingand food security complemented these presentations.demonstrations and sample tastings were conducted. SFAWealsosupportedtheSingaporeYoungFarmers also collaborated with the JEMs FairPrice Xtra to organiseGrowing Roots (GR) initiative to develop a GR handbook collateral giveaways to encourage purchase of local produce.along with digital content to promote agri-food education, To expand consumer reach and make local produce moreheritage, and culture among lower secondary students. easilyavailableviae-commerce,SFAsupportedSAFEFsAssembly talks at local secondary schools were planned initiative to create a dedicated e-SG Farmers Market pagefor FY 2020.on the Lazada RedMart website/mobile phone app. As at the end of the FY, there were about 20 farmers selling up to 100 local produce items on the e-SG Farmers Market page.During the FY, four learning journeys to various local farms wereconducted,includingthosearrangedforstudent participantsinthePre-universitySeminar2019and N.E.mation! 2020. The latter is an annual digital animation Providing assurance to retailers and consumers competition that introduces farming in alternative spaces In FY 2019, there were four Good Aquaculture Practiceas a strategy to enhance Singapores food security. We also forFishFarming(GAP-FF)certifiedfarms,eightGoodhosted 12 learning journeys to MAC where 180 students, AgriculturalPracticeforVegetableFarming(GAP-VF)teachers,andmembersofpubliclearnedaboutthe certified farms, and three Singapore Quality Egg SchemeR&D efforts and techniques that enable the large-scale (SQES) certified farms. These schemes provide assuranceproduction of food fish. to retailers and consumers by setting benchmarks for the production of safe and good quality local produce. The Singapore Standard (SS) 632: Specification for organic primary produce is the worlds first national standard for organic primary produce grown in urban and peri-urban environments. TheSingaporeManufacturersFederation StandardsDevelopmentOrganisation(SMF-SDO) developed this Standard with SFA as a stakeholder. In June 2019, the first SS 632 certificate was presented to Sky Greens Pte. Ltd, which aims to use it as a springboard for its organic produce to gain market access. 28 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'