b'Drumming up demand for local produceOver the years, the government has been encouraging consumerstosupportourfarmersbychoosinglocal produce. Theirspendingchoicescontributedirectlyto the commercial viability of local farmers and Singapores food security. In FY 2019, SFA continued to engage with consumers through various outreach initiatives.Launching the Year of 2020: Singapore Food Story On 10 February 2020, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) launched the 2020: Singapore FoodStorycampaigntofocustheyearseffortson enhancingSingaporesfoodsecurity.Aspartofthis campaign, SFA began working on a series of integrated marketingcommunicationsandinitiativesthatwillbeAttheannualSingaporeFoodExpo(May2019)and rolled out from August 2020 to heighten public awarenessAsiaPacificFoodExpo(November2019)organised offoodsecurityandinspireconsumerstoincreaseby the Singapore Food Manufacturers Association, SFA consumption of local produce.raisedawarenessoflocallyfarmedproduceandfood TogetherwithMEWR,apre-campaignsurveywasalternatives such as frozen meat. We conducted cooking conducted to establish baseline findings for subsequentdemonstrations featuring these food items. Visitors were evaluationofthecommunicationsandengagementgiven the opportunity to taste these dishes, as well as learn impact. It also provided insights into Singapore residentsmore about these food items through SFAs educational attitudes and behaviour towards local produce.materials and quizzes.Co-creating a new SG Fresh Produce logo SFAalsoparticipatedinthelaunchoftheCitiponics To promote and help consumers better recognise localrooftop farm, the National Environment Agencys Clean & produce, SFA brought the industry and public together inGreen Singapore 2019 carnival, and the Kranji Countryside the co-creation of a new SG Fresh Produce logo. The newAssociations Local Farm Weekend event in FY 2019.logo is targeted to be rolled out with a soft launch online and on the packaging of local produce from mid-June and August 2020, respectively. We partnered KidZania Singapore to set up an indoor vegetable farm in its premises, with aims to ingrain the idea of urban farming as a career in the minds of audiences Reaching out to the public to raise awareness aged four and above. In this segment, participants learn To raise public awareness of local produce, SFA and thethe evolution of farming in Singapore and the current SingaporeAgro-FoodEnterprisesFederation(SAFEF)state of hi-tech farming. A simulation of the controlled continued to organise SG Farmers Markets. In FY 2019,environmentofanindoorsoil-lessvegetablefarm, these events were held in Hillion Mall, Bishan Communityverticalvegetableplantingandhydroponicsystem,and Centre, and Our Tampines Hub. Each event attracted aboutInternet-of-Things LED lighting control technology were 6,000 visitors. More than 20 local farmers participated inset up here.each edition.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 27'