b'SECURING OUR FOOD SUPPLYFOOD FUNDING Researching into sustainable urban production of food for the futureFood Fund & APF in reviewR&D plays a key role in plugging existing technological (cumulative as at the end of FY 2019) gapsinagri-foodproduction,andinnovatingsolutions Food Fund amounttoovercomeresourceconstraints,raiseproductivity, Committed $30.94mil and enhance sustainability. It is also the way forward to Disbursed$24.42mil discover creative ways to meet future demands of the growing global population. Urban farming is gaining popularity in highly built-up cities. Food Fund projects Novel foods such as alternative proteins can complement Approved310 traditional meat producers, with the promise of producing Closed310 large quantities of proteins with smaller amounts of resources inaclimate-resilientandsustainablemanner.Tosteer the growth of this sector and nurture a forward-looking APF amountagri-tech and food ecosystem, SFA developed a regulatory Committed$39.8mil framework for novel food and launched two R&D grant Disbursed$13.9mil calls in FY 2019.APF projects Approved188Closed144KEY PRODUCTIVITY OUTCOMESKey productivity outcomes by APF recipients (cumulative as at the end of FY 2019)Man hours saved Developing a regulatory framework for novel foodHavingaregulatoryframeworkfornovelfoodswill ensurethatconsumersareprotectedfrompotential 237,241 risks that may be associated with novel foods made using new production methods or foods that do not have any prior history of human consumption. The framework will also facilitate food innovation by providing clarity on the type of safety information that needs to be included in Increased production companies safety assessments for novel foods.Leafy In November 2019, SFA organised a Regulators Forum vegetables1,631t onNovelFoodasaplatformforlocalandoverseas regulators and industry players to discuss challenges and possible solutions in the safety assessment of novel food. Fish 528t SFAs novel food regulatory framework was shared at this forum, and at the Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week.Hen shell eggs46 m pcs24 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'