b'30by30ExpressGrantwasdrawnuptohelpthe agri-food industry quickly and significantly ramp up local productionineggs,leafyvegetables,andfish. Thiswas scheduled for announcement on 8 April 2020.COVID-19 underscores the importance of local food production. A home-grown supply of food reduces our reliance on imports and provides the necessary buffer Adoptinganoutcome-basedapproachtostreamlinein the event of food supply disruptions.farming regulatory requirements to reduce compliance cost of farmsDevelopingacomprehensiveindustryguideontheBuilding a vibrant ecosystem in various regulatory requirements in setting up a farm agri-food technology FacilitatingclearanceoffarmdevelopmentplansforByleveraginginnovativetechnologies,our companiesthatwereawardedagri-landtenders,byagri-technologists can raise productivity exponentially and conductingaone-stopconsultationsessionwithallgrow food more sustainably. Besides helping us meet the regulatory agencies present 30-by-30 goal, a vibrant ecosystem in agri-food R&D will Facilitatingliaisonbetweenregulatoryagenciesalso continue to help us build Singapores reputation as a and farms living technological laboratory for urban food production.On31October2019,SeniorMinisterofStateforToprofileSingaporeasaforerunnerinurbanfood Environment & Water Resources Dr Amy Khor and Seniorsolutions,SFAandvariousothergovernmentagencies Minister of State for Trade & Industry Dr Koh Poh Koonlent our support to the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation met with some 60 local farmers in a town hall and dialogueWeek held on 20-22 November 2019. We worked closely session. Thesessionwasco-organisedbySFAandthewith the organiser to curate a conference programme Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation (SAFEF) asthatbroughtover800delegatestogethertodiscuss a platform to share our 30-by-30 goal with farmers andthe latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in Asias provide updates on the regulatory requirements for newagri-food supply chain. SFA also invited institutes of higher farmland tenders. learning to showcase their agri-technology in the events exhibition segment.Helping farms scale up by co-funding technology and equipmentTheAgricultureProductivityFund(APF)supports localfarmsintheircapabilitydevelopmentanddrive towards higher productivity. Through APF, SFA co-funds theadoptionoffarmingsystemstobettercontrol environmental variables, test-bed technologies, and boost production capabilities. Acumulativetotalofcloseto$38millionhasbeen committed to successful applicants since October 2014. This funding initiative was extended until the end of 2020, and SFA has begun exploring new ways to expand its Accelerating production to meet 30-by-30 support for technology test-bedding and adoption, as well amidst COVID-19 as resource efficiency in local farms.The30-by-30goalwasinitiatedin2018withthePriorto APF,localfarmsweresupportedthroughthe primaryintentiontoadapttochallengesposedbyFood Fund, which was discontinued in 2014. As at the end climatechangeandresourcescarcity. TheCOVID-19of FY 2019, all 310 approved projects under the Food situationpresentedgreaterimpetustospeeduplocalFund had been closed with about $24 million disbursed. food production capacities. As such, a timely $30-million SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 23'