b'SECURING OUR FOOD SUPPLYInanotherproject,theformerHendersonSecondary School was put up for redevelopment into Singapores Unlocking sea space for sustainable fish farming firstintegratedspacecomprisingofanurbanfarm, Besideslandspace,SFAisalsolookingtounlockthechildcare centre, and nursing home within a state property. potential of farming at sea to boost local production of fishThe adaptive reuse of the site contributes towards local and enhance our food security. A broad scan of the deeperfoodproductionandoffersopportunitiestotest-bed Southern Waters was conducted in FY 2019 to identifyinnovative technologies for urban farming. The farm space potentialaquaculturesiteswheresustainablefarmingwithin the former school site was awarded in May 2019 systems can be adopted. Various spatial, production, andto City Sprouts.environmental constraints were taken into consideration to determine potential sites. InFebruary2020,SFAengagedwithnaturegroups, industry stakeholders, and academics to share our plans to transform coastal farms in the Straits of Johor and avail new spaces in Southern Waters. Efforts will be made to ensure that fish farming practices are sustainable, climate-resilient, and able to mitigate the effects of environmental threats to farms and our marine environment.Adapting alternative spaces for urban farmingIn addition to rejuvenating under-utilised space, commercial urban farming has brought fresh food production closer to the community, and created employment opportunitiesIn FY 2019, SFA continued to work with other agencies for residents in the vicinity.andvariousstakeholderstounlockmorespacesin theheartlandsforcommercialurbanfarming. Workis ThefirstcommercialfarmlocatedonaHousingunderway to launch a new tender for rooftop spaces on DevelopmentBoard(HDB)Multi-StoreyCarparkHDB MSCPs for urban farming.(MSCP) in the heartlands, Citiponics, harvested its first yield of vegetables in April 2019.Reducing regulatory hurdlesSFA co-chairs the Regulations Workgroup (RWG) with Enterprise Singapore (ESG). RWG was set up to drive whole-of-governmenteffortsinreducingregulatory hurdles in the process of setting up and maintaining farms, andtoupdateregulationspertainingtohi-techfarm developments. Since April 2019, RWG has embarked on the following initiatives:22 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'