b'BASKET 2: BOOSTING LOCAL PRODUCTIONThe business of feeding a nation is a national security priority. Producing food locally enhances Singapores food security by providing a buffer in times of crises. Its shorter local supply chain from farm to fork translates to lower food miles, which keeps food fresher, avoiding losses or carbon footprint that would have arisen in a long value chain for imported food.SFA aims to increase local production with a 30-by-30 goalSFAs plans for Lim Chu Kang will also complement thethat is, to meet 30 percent of Singapores nutritionaldevelopment of the Agri-Food Innovation Park, or AFIP, needs by 2030, up from less than 10 percent today. Thiswhich was previously announced as a hi-tech agri-food calls for a transformation or game-change of the local agri- cluster in Sungei Kadut to enable agencies to test-bed food sector into one that is highly productive, innovative,andcatalysesustainableagri-foodsolutions. Thefood and sustainable. production innovations developed in AFIP can scale up in Lim Chu Kang to contribute towards our 30-by-30 goal. Planning farm spaces for the long-termSingapore has less than one percent of land dedicatedTendering out farm lands to capable farmerstoagriculture. Withinsuchtightconstraints,aholisticDuring the FY, SFA continued to facilitate and support andlong-termapproachtospaceplanningiscriticalhi-tech and productive farms to set up in Singapore, by inenablingtheindustrytoscaleupandtacklethetenderingoutland. Atenderfor10landparcelswas ambitious30-by-30goal.Thisentailsstrategicallylaunched on 19 June 2019. On 26 November 2019, SFA allocatingland,sea,industrial,andalternativespacesawarded the tender for four land parcels for beansprout for production. farming and one land parcel for vegetable farming. On 8 January 2020, one land parcel was awarded for general Developing integrated farm lands agriculture (food) farming.ThegovernmentsintentiontoredevelopthegreaterThelandparcelsweretenderedusingtheFixedPrice Lim Chu Kang region as part of the masterplan towardstender method for vegetable and bean sprout parcels, and our30-by-30goalwasannouncedinMarch2020.Concept & Price tender method for General Agriculture The greater Lim Chu Kang region would integrate hi-techparcels. Proposals for both types of tenders were assessed foodfarmingandfoodprocessing/manufacturingwithbased on production capability, production track record, non-foodfarming(e.g.landscapenurseries,ornamentalrelevantexperienceandqualification,andinnovation farms)industries,tocreateavibrantandattractiveand sustainability. environmentforfutureagri-techworkersandvisitors. There are also plans to explore the design for shared facilitiesfordistrictcoolingsystems,waterintake,and water management/valorisation to achieve economies of scale and sustainability. SFA will work with farms, including successful bidders in recent land sales exercises, to work towards this vision for Lim Chu Kang.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 21'