b'BASKET 1: DIVERSIFYING IMPORT SOURCESOur food supply is heavily dependent on imports, with overseas supplies accounting for over 90 percent. Despite this,wehavesuccessfullykeptfoodreadilyavailable toandaffordableforSingaporeans. Today,ourfoodis imported from over 170 countries/regions. Should thereorganised a Food Industry Business Continuity Planning be a disruption to any one source, Singapore is in a goodBrief on 14 February 2020. The objective was to prepare positiontoworkwithournetworkofimporterstothefoodindustryforanimpendingcrisisthatquickly tap alternative food sources, and ensure that our foodunravelledanddisruptedmanyfoodbusinessesin supply remains stable. Singapores food importers havesubsequent weeks. To help the industry ensure business leveragedthenationsconnectivityandtheglobalfreecontinuity,SFAcontinuedtoofferextensivesupport tradeenvironmenttoimportfrommultipleoverseasin areas such as crisis management, advisories on food sources. These are the results of our deliberate strategysafety and operational matters relating to COVID-19, and to diversify our food sources. the availing of supplies of health and safety protection equipment to those who need them.Staying effective and agile during COVID-19LockdownmeasuresbroughtaboutbyCOVID-19Accrediting new sourceshave adversely impacted global trade and supply chains.SFAactivelyaccreditsnewsourcestosupportsupply For Singapore, this crisis underscores our vulnerabilitiesdiversification. In the event of any disease outbreak, SFA to supply disruptions in food, which is primarily imported.workswithrelevantoverseasauthoritiestozoneor The effectiveness and agility of the diversification strategycompartmentalise sources affected by the outbreak, so in our national food supply chain were well demonstratedthatfoodcanstillbeimportedfromunaffectedareas attheonsetoftheCOVID-19outbreak.Evenwhenin the same country. In FY 2019, we accredited 83 new consumersrushedtostockuponessentialfoodandfarms and establishments as additional sources of food.household items (after the outbreak response was raised on7February2020andvariouscountriesbeganto implement lockdown measures), our supermarket shelves continued to be promptly restocked.Tokeepourdiversifiedfoodsupplylinesintact, Singapore partners with like-minded countries to keep trade links open. In March 2020, amidst the COVID-19 globalpandemic,Singapore,alongwithAustralia, BruneiDarussalam,Canada,Chile,LaoPDR,Myanmar, New Zealand, and Uruguay, affirmed our commitment to maintaining open and connected supply chains.The ability to swiftly respond to any crisis can mitigate its impact on our food industry. In the early stages of the COVID-19situation,SFA,togetherwithaninsurance brokingandriskmanagementsolutionscompany, COVID-19 lockdown measures amplify Singapores vulnerability to disruptions in global supply chains, particularly for food, as over 90% of our food supply is imported. As part of emergency preparedness, SFA is planning for a range of supply shock scenarios, while staying on our feet as we respond quickly to the evolving COVID-19 situation.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 19'