b'SECURING OUR FOOD SUPPLYTOP 3 SUPPLY SOURCES OF KEY FOOD ITEMS (COUNTRIES & REGIONS) (Jan-Dec 2019)SouthNewUnited Malaysia China Indonesia Australia Brazil Singapore USA India Africa Ireland Thailand Zealand Kingdom Ukraine VietnamFruitsLeafy vegetablesOther vegetablesChickenDuckPorkMuttonBeefHen shell eggsFishOther seafoodLOCAL FARM PRODUCTION (Jan-Dec 2019)10%* of total consumption 14% of total consumption 26% of total consumption4,707t12,698t528million piecesFISH ^ LEAFY POULTRY VEGETABLES(HEN EGGS)^Refers to local farm production figures only. It does not include local landings (1,418 tonnes in Year 2019) *Refers to local farm production as a % of fish (live and chilled only) consumptionLICENSED FOOD FARMS IN SINGAPORE (Jan-Dec 2019)QtySea-based fish 109Land-based fish 12Leafy vegetables 77Beansprouts 6Hen and quail eggs 5Other general agriculture farms (e.g. goat, frog, shrimp, cattle, food crops) 11Total 22018 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'