b'SECURING OUR FOOD SUPPLYFOOD SECURITY IS FUNDAMENTAL TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.The government has been proactively planning for the long-term and taking action to safeguard Singapores food supply. Our strategy of three food baskets(1) diversifying food sources, (2) growing locally and (3) growing overseashas served the nation well in securing its food supply. Singapore also continued to achieve top ranking in recent editions of the Global Food Security Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit.However, large trends are obliging us to do more for food security. While Singapore has set the stage with effective strategies to secure food supply, we operate in an environment where natural resources are limited, effects of climate change are imminent and geopolitical or disease situations are unpredictable. To mitigate and overcome these challenges, the collective efforts of the government, industry and public are required.FOOD SUPPLY IN SINGAPORE (Jan-Dec 2019)(t)tonnes, (m)million, (kg)kilogram, (pcs)piecesImportPer capita volumeconsumption Leafy vegetables 78,354t 16kgChicken 206,415t 34kgPork 116,562t 20kgBeef 32,503t 4kgFish 94,590t 16kgHen shell eggs 1,539m pcs 360 pcsFruits 428,869t 71kgOther vegetables 456,985t 79kgDuck 13,205t2kg Mutton 14,548t2kg Other seafood 35,792t6kg Note: All meat and seafood are in live/chilled/frozen forms; vegetables and fruits are in fresh/chilled forms 16 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'