b'Mr Lim Chuan Poh (Chairman) Mr Krishnan Muthappan Board of Trustees, Asia Pacific Breweries FoundationBoard Member, Hindu Endowment Board Member, Singtel Technology Advisory PanelDirector & Shareholder, Markham Agro Pte. Ltd. Board Member, National Research FoundationDirector, Markham Agro (19 HK) Pte. Ltd. Board of Trustees, Nanyang Technological UniversityDirector & Shareholder, Meleri Capital Pte. Ltd. Chairman, Lee Kong Chian School of MedicineMr Jim LimGoverning BoardWithers KhatterWong LLP, Partner and Head of Department,Board and Council Member, Science and Technology inIntellectual Property and TechnologySociety Forum Member, Japans World Premier International InitiativeMr Pier Luigi SigismondiProgramme Assessment and Review CommitteePresident, Worldwide Packaged Foods, Dole Asia Holdings Special Committee Member, Japan Science and TechnologyMs Han Yong MayAgency Advisory CommitteeEditor, Chinese Media Group NewsHub, Singapore Mr Lim Kok Thai Press Holdings CEO, Singapore Food Agency Dr Ralph Graichen Board Director, AgriFood Technologies Pte. Ltd.Director, Food and Consumer Care, A*STAR Member, Tropical Marine Science Institute Management BoardDr Ho Kim Wai Mr Andrew Kwan Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological UniversityChairman, Commonwealth Retail Concepts Pte. Ltd. Chairman, Commonwealth Capital Pte. Ltd.Mr Ong Chao ChoonChairman, Commonwealth Food Services Pte. Ltd. Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers and related entitiesChairman, Commonwealth Harvests Pte. Ltd. Board Member, Art House LimitedChairman, Globamatrix Holdings Pte. LtdMs Thien Kwee EngChairman, Bakematrix Pte. Ltd. Board Director, Design Singapore Council Pte. Ltd. Chairman, Swiss-Bake Pte. Ltd. Board Member, Advisory Board of Womens Forum Asia Chairman, Commonwealth Culinary Creations Pte. Ltd. Board Member, Governing Board for Experimental Drug Chairman, Zac Meat & Poultry Pte. Ltd.Development Centre, Agency for Science, Technology and Chairman, Spectra Secondary SchoolResearch (A*STAR)Board Director, Focus on the Family Member & Co-lead for Industry Development Workgroup, Board Member, Enterprise SingaporeNational Precision Medicine Steering Committee (Ministry Vice-President, Restaurant Association of Singaporeof Health) Non-Resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden,Member, Review Panel for Industry AlignmentMinistry of Foreign AffairsFund-Pre-Positioning ProgramME for Health and Director, The Steward Company of SingaporeBiomedical Domain, A*STARDirector, Spinnaker360 Pte. Ltd.Ms Toh Hwee TinDirector, Smorgasbord International Pte. Ltd.Director, Industrial Relations, National Trades Union CongressDirector, NPE Print Communications Pte. Ltd. Executive Secretary, Food, Drinks and Allied Workers UnionDirector, Barramundi Asia Pte. Ltd. Executive Secretary, Attractions, Resorts and Director, Barramundi Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd.Entertainment UnionDirector, Commonwealth Food Solutions Pte. Ltd. Board of Advisors, Institute of Service Excellence@Singapore Director, Baker & Cook Pte. Ltd.Management University Director, Metro Graphic Pte. LtdMs Samsiah SulimanDirector, Metro Packaging Pte. Ltd. Managing Director, Jumain Sataysfaction Pte. Ltd.Director, The Soup Spoon Pte. Ltd.Managing Director, Asli Village Pte. Ltd.Director, Udders First Pte. Ltd. Owner, Jumain EnterpriseDirector, &Willin Pte. Ltd. Owner, Asli Satay Club Llp.Director, TCGC Pte. Ltd. Owner, SatexpressDirector, Commonwealth Kokubu Logistics Pte. Ltd. Shareholder, Marine Produce Australia Ltd.Prof John LimShareholder, MPA Fish Farms Pty. Ltd.Executive Director, Centre of Regulatory Excellence, Shareholder, MPA Marketing Pty. Ltd. Duke-NUS Medical SchoolCouncil Member, Singapore Business FederationSenior Advisor, Ministry of HealthNon-Resident Fellow, NUS Eusoff Hall Chairman, Singapore Clinical Research InstituteElder, Bethesda Hall, Council of Elders Board Member, St Andrews Mission Hospital Council Member, Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) Chairman, Health & Wellness Subcommittee, ASAS Member, Executive Board, APEC Life Sciences Innovation Forum Member, Advisory Group, US Pharmacopoeia Quality Institute Advisor, Mobile-health Network Solutions (MaNaDr)SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 9'