Updated SMMs at wholesale markets (JFP, SFP, PPWC) - Living with COVID-19

In view of the recent announcements by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on the slew of new measures to guide Singapore's path towards living with COVID-19, SFA has updated our measures at the 3 wholesale markets. 


SMMs at Wholesale Markets (JFP, SFP, PPWC)

Members of the Public are allowed to enter Jurong Fishery Port (JFP), Senoko Fishery Port (SFP), Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre (PPWC) from 27 April 2022. Visitors to these facilities shall show proof of being fully vaccinated before they are allowed entry and are required to don a face mask at ALL times within these facilities.   

Wholesale market users play an important role

The collective responsibility of all who work and trade at our wholesale markets is critical in keeping everyone safe. We thank all stakeholders for working with us to implement SMMs since onset of the pandemic, SFA will continue to work with stakeholders including the trade associations to safeguard the wholesale markets and its users. 

SMMs at wholesale markets (JFP, SFP, PPWC)