Strengthening SMMs at wholesale markets (JFP, SFP, PPWC)

Strengthening SMMs at PPWC

With effect from 30 September 2021, Safe Management Measures (SMMs) have been enhanced at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre (PPWC).

As part of the enhanced SMMs, all tenants and workers in PPWC will be required to wear coloured wristbands according to the sector they are working in. Tenants and workers are not allowed to cross sectors unnecessarily.

In addition, the number of workers of each tenant who can access the cold room sector will be controlled. Workers who access the cold rooms will have to be tested twice a week and have negative tests before they are allowed entry into the cold room. The crowd capacity at Block 13A of the vegetable sector will also be capped at 250 trade visitors during night trading hours. Read more here.

We urge all tenants, workers, and traders to adhere to the measures while at PPWC.

 Strengthening SMMs at fishery ports

With effect from 31 July 2021, SMMs have been enhanced at both Jurong Fishery Port (JFP) and Senoko Fishery Port (SFP). Only authorised entry pass holders (e.g. tenants, workers and trade visitors) will be allowed to enter the fishery ports. Read more here.

Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) Regime

JFP/SFP tenants and workers

As part of the enhanced SMMs, JFP/SFP tenants and workers will be placed on an RRT regime. All tenants and workers must undergo PCR testing at the designated testing centre every 7 days. The RRT regime will be rolled out in batches from 9 August 2021 and tenants and workers will be alerted via SMS. Tenants and workers are advised to keep to the RRT schedule assigned to them.

Trade visitors to JFP/SFP

From 5 August 2021, SFA will rely on trade visitors’ clearance of an RRT regime (e.g. Fast & Easy Testing regime for market stallholders or F&B operators) to allow them entry into JFP/SFP. Trade visitors are required to show proof of their last valid negative swab test result (within 7 days) at the entrance. For those not on an RRT regime or do not have a valid negative test result, on-arrival testing is available at JFP/SFP.

FAQs on enhanced SMMs and RRT regime for trade visitors can be found here.

We urge fish merchants, buyers and related trade personnel to cooperate and adhere to the SMMs.

Wholesale market users play an important role

Collective responsibility of all who work and trade at our wholesale markets is critical in keeping everyone safe. We thank all stakeholders for working with us to implement SMMs since onset of the pandemic, as well as during this period to identify areas for tightened SMMs. The review is an ongoing process, and SFA will be working with the trade associations to refine the enhanced measures.