Guidelines on Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) for coffee shop and canteen operators

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced that groups of up to 5 fully vaccinated persons, regardless of household, will be able to dine in together at F&B establishments from 22 November 2021.


From 23 November, this easing will extend to coffeeshops and canteens that have in place access control and checking systems to perform vaccination checks at entry points.


Coffeeshop and canteen operators looking to accommodate dine-in groups of up to 5 persons must register their intent to implement the required measures with SFA, and submit photos of the measures that have been put in place. SFA will follow up and check on the premises to verify that the measures have been met.

Under the new measures, coffeeshop and canteen operators are required to:
  1. Inform Patrons: Put up posters to inform patrons that that only fully vaccinated patrons are allowed to dine-in together in groups of up to five. Official posters will be provided to coffeeshops and canteens that have been verified by SFA. 

  2. Access Control: Control access to the premises by cordoning off areas and ensuring dedicated entry points. Access to common areas, such as the five-foot walkways in front of certain coffeeshops and canteens, should not be obstructed.

  3. Vaccination status checks: Check the vaccination status of all patrons at the entry points. Patrons who are fully vaccinated and dining in should also be differentiated (e.g. through the use of stickers). Patrons may show the vaccination verification on the TraceTogether (TT) app, or provide their TT token to be scanned to determine vaccination status.

Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers and Safe Distancing Ambassadors will continue to conduct regular checks at all coffeeshops and canteens to ensure that VDS and other Safe Management Measures are observed.


For coffeeshops and canteens that allow dine-in groups of up to 5 fully vaccinated persons, enforcement actions will be taken if they do not have the required measures in place.

For more details on VDS in coffeeshops and canteens, please refer to:


Click here for the list of premises that can allow dining in for 5 fully vaccinated persons.