COVID-19 related advisories for F&B establishments

From 10 October 2022, Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) will be fully lifted. This means that VDS will no longer be required for dining at all F&B establishments. All patrons will be allowed to dine at F&B establishments, including coffeeshops and canteens, regardless of their vaccination status. However, non-fully vaccinated persons are advised to exercise caution as they face a higher risk of getting infected and becoming severely ill. 

Other COVID-19 related advisories for F&B establishments:

  1. Mask/Spit Guard Requirement for Food Handlers (dated 24 August 2022)
  2. Measures set out in our advisory for SMMs at Food & beverage establishments (dated 17 October 2022)
  3. Requirements for Self-service Buffets and Food Safety Practices (dated 24 August 2022)